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What`s the difference between combed cotton and purified cotton ?

What`s the difference between combed cotton and purified cotton ?

1.  Durability and thickness

combed cotton obtained by using combing machine remove the relatively long impurity fibers from the cotton fibers.so that the fibers become more neat,more delicate after weaving and more uniformity in density distribution.It lead to combed cotton more durable and thicker than purified cotton.

2. The smoothness of the surface

Although there is no difference in color ,both white and soft. However the sense of touch difference.because of different technology,combed cotton touch more softable,besides,purified cotton easier to pilling

3.  Easily deformed and shrink

Due to fabric space inside, it will be easily deformed under the influence of temperature and force for purified cotton.

4. Price

Price is the external performance of value.the price of combed cotton will be higher than that of pure cotton. It is also a good method to judge the material according to the price

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